First Lesson

1359653470.jpgI get back from my first lesson and plop down on the couch in fatigue, book in hand. A woman walks through the living room carrying a good-sized tortoise. Ok.

After watching some acro-paragliding videos, we figure out the logistics of going to town for groceries, then head back to the launch site for lunch. Sitting here now taking in the view and listening to the winds, too strong to fly in, before doing a little yoga to stave of the soreness I know I’m going to feel tonight.

Oh man, after the yoga I’m already feeling a bit better. Think I did a few sun salutations, but to be honest I just stretched whatever muscle hurt the most.

If there were a hammock next to the launch site, I would pass out before lunch is ready.

The ground work this morning was a lot of fun. I feel like I’m learning well – at the end of the morning lesson I just started feeling what an inflated parachute feels like at the end of my brake lines.

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