Monthly Archives: February 2013

Monthly Archives: February 2013

Heading back to bucaramanga

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Decided to go back and get some more flying in. A local dealer has a wing to show me this weekend, so hopefully I’ll be set up pretty soon. Will be tripling the amount of luggage I carry, but I say it’s worth it.

Back from Cliff Jumping, still alive

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Still waiting on the photos, but I guess I can write about it a little. We took a bus to a little town called Curiti, which, incidentally, is where we did the caving the other day. I wanted to just take a cab again, but in the interest of saving $3, we all piled onto a local bus and had a pretty pleasant ride to the edge of town, then a good hour walk. The problem with this, and where …

Horseshoes and Handgrenades

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Well, almost. So, Tejo. As a Texan, the easiest way for me to describe Tejo is horseshoes with explosives. Essentially, you and your fellow teammates (we played 3 on 3) choose a well-battered half cannonball (to be precise it has the cross section of a trapezoid and from above is around) and toss/hurl it a good fifty feet at a large clay square target. Like in horseshoes, there is a central bullseye, here a metal ring mostly buried in the …

Crawling Through Muck and Luxuriating in Massage Oil

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Yesterday we went caving at Cueva la Vaca, which involved a lot of swimming underwater and crawling for unreasonable distances on hands and knees in order to fit through very small spaces. My previous caving companions would have hated this place, but I thought it was pretty fun. Once back, we had lunch and then spent some time relaxing, then a local on a motorcycle showed up and I hopped on the back to be whisked through San Gil to …

Bus from Bucaramanga to San Gil

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In typical Colombian bus ride fashion, the bus that we were assured three times had air conditioning does, but it never turns on. The bus, which left twenty minutes late, has inexplicably stopped fifteen minutes into the trip at a rest stop / market for an indeterminate amount of time. Also there is vallenato blaring over the radio. I investigate what the story is with the stop. It turns out that this is actually a three hour bus ride, not …