Crawling Through Muck and Luxuriating in Massage Oil

Yesterday we went caving at Cueva la Vaca, which involved a lot of swimming underwater and crawling for unreasonable distances on hands and knees in order to fit through very small spaces. My previous caving companions would have hated this place, but I thought it was pretty fun.

Once back, we had lunch and then spent some time relaxing, then a local on a motorcycle showed up and I hopped on the back to be whisked through San Gil to have a pretty impressive hour long massage. Apparently caving requires a lot of muscles I don’t normally use, and combined with the squats and deadlifts I had done the day before, I was pretty sore, because I ended up nearly screaming a few times.

Altogether, the massage and motorcycle ride cost 40k pesos, or about $24, plus tip. Apparently there’s another place in town that’ll give you 90 minutes for the same price, so I’m hoping to check that out before I leave.

After riding back to town, now completely relaxed, I played some board games with the other people in the hostel, then we all hopped in taxis to go play Tejo, which I’ll explain in my next post.

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  • Carla Cooper

    Now you are writing about an experience that I truly envy…massage. Great posts Brandon. I love the descriptive writing

  • wanderer

    Thanks, Carla. Well, I’m heading for a longer and cheaper massage today now that I’m back in Bucaramanga. This may get kind of addictive.