Horseshoes and Handgrenades

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The target.Well, almost. So, Tejo. As a Texan, the easiest way for me to describe Tejo is horseshoes with explosives. Essentially, you and your fellow teammates (we played 3 on 3) choose a well-battered half cannonball (to be precise it has the cross section of a trapezoid and from above is around) and toss/hurl it a good fifty feet at a large clay square target. Like in horseshoes, there is a central bullseye, here a metal ring mostly buried in the clay. Whoever is closest after everyone has thrown gets one point. Bounces don’t count and unlike the French boules, it doesn’t count to knock your opponent’s tejo out of the way. Not that you could anyway, because it’s most likely embedded deep in the clay.

Now here’s the kicker, placed carefully on the ring are two triangular paper packets of gunpowder. If you hit them just right, so that the tejo strikes them from one side against the metal ring on the other, you get a nice loud explosion, followed by a small fire. Pretty badass. Also extremely loud, even from six courts away.

Also like horseshoes, there is a great deal of beer available, and many people’s techniques developed assuming a beer in one hand and the tejo in the other.

I’m not going to comment here on my own personal tejo skills, but we had a great time.

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