Looks like a 6-point shot

Taking in the view

Taking in the view


2013-03-08 23.48.34

Houses near the public site that I've soared over for hours now.

Houses near the public site that I’ve soared over for hours now.

Beautiful day today.

So today we woke up and convinced our friend and driver Wilfredo to take us up the road to see what there is to see. We had a delicious lunch of soup cooked on a wood stove, sausages, potatoes, steak, and this special kind of beef that is marinated in beer, basted in sugar cane and cooked in the sun. Next we went to a horse farm and bought some beer to drink on a nearby rock, our feet dangling off the cliff while we took in the valley and figured out how the wind would be for paragliding.
After that, we went to play some more tejo. I had my first win and two explosions.

Now it’s time for an afternoon nap.

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  • Sounds like you don’t mind talking about your tejo game now! Congrats on your explosions. I think.