Step-by-Step Instructions for what I just did

2012-01-30 16.44.251. Catch wicked thermal.
2. Finally lose lift when as far as possible from landing zone.
3. Find that in addition to massive amounts of lift, today also has massive sink.
4. Land on alternate landing zone, having to pull a last second 180, landing downwind to keep from running out of hill.
5. Stick landing.
6. Hike for an hour to regular landing zone to await pickup.
7. Discover that no pickup is en route, nobody is copying on radio, and nobody can hear cell phone.
8. Pack up wing, pack on bag and walk an hour up the hill to the launch.
9. Finally catch a ride for last 100 feet of hill.
10. Drop off wing, drink 3 liters of water, shed all electronics and jump into pool.
11. Profit.

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