Nemaclys Paragliding in Costa Rica

Just marveling this morning at how beautiful it is here at Nemaclys. I’ve been wondering for the last month or so whether it’s really worth it to lug a full set of paragliding gear around with me, so coming here was a pretty big payoff, because it’s definitely worth it.

I’m slightly kicking myself for not coming here earlier, but I think a week flying here will suit me nicely. I guess I’m also realizing that what I like most about paragliding isn’t the adrenaline, but the peace. Though the flights when I caught thermal after thermal and climbed well beyond my comfort zone were probably my “best” flights, some of my fondest memories were ridge soaring easily back and forth at Ruitoque, hanging out near the waterfall and watching sunset come in. Nemaclys is easily my favorite site for paragliding in Costa Rica.

Warning: One of the below videos includes me singing.


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