The best car travel accessory ever

Roadside Macedonia

This was a gorgeous drive along a Macedonian highway, but I eventually had to stop taking photos, because I was getting motion sickness.

Since I started traveling long term, it’s become more and more important to me to make the most of my down time. One of the biggest ways for me to do that was by making sure that I can spend my time on buses watching movies, reading, or even working. Since I tend to get carsick on long rides, it used to drive me crazy trying to balance working against being comfortable.

After a particularly long ride, I found these anti-carsickness bracelets that I had first used when sailing around Corsica for a month when I was 16. I wore them all month on a relatively small sailboat, and had no problems whatsoever.

So that’s my recommendation, I use these now and as long as I’ve worn them for about 15 minutes, I can do whatever I want.

Here’s the link one more time: best anti-carsickness bracelets.

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