Best Graffiti in Bogota, Part 1

child's face graffiti bogota

During the 5 months I lived in Bogotá, Colombia in 2012, I was fascinated by the quality of graffiti and street art. Having lived in New York City for years, I assumed I was in the Graffiti capital of the world, and yet was very unimpressed by what New York had to offer. When I got down to Colombia, though, I was blown away.

Here are a few of my favorite images, mostly from the La Candelaria district of Bogotá.

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More photos below the fold.

graffiti artist at work Colombia

Graffiti artist at work in Bogota

korn flakes graffiti bogota

Several people recommended this piece to me as commentary on GMO food.

einstein graffiti bogota

Apparently einstein is also into street art.

global oil graffiti bogota with sad demonic nun holding gas nozzle that pierces the planet earth.

One of my favorites. There are several iterations of this image around the city.

Anti-corruption Graffiti Bogota Bug graffiti in La Candelaria, Bogota, Colombia Mural of day of the dead sugar skull design in bogota with black, orange and white paint, bottom of image includes Bettie Paige and other women. Mural for Love Tattoo, Bogota. Graffiti mural in Bogota with superman and classic comic sound affects. Sign says Cafe Pop!

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