Back in Colombia!

Green pasture with horses in the middle of it. This pasture happens to be the landing zone for the school where I learned how to paraglide in Bucaramanga, Colombia.Back in Colombia!

So happy to be back in Colombia after far too many months away. Getting here was a bit of an adventure, because in order to get the cheapest flight possible, I had an unprotected connection, which meant that if US Airways didn’t get me and my bags to Fort Lauderdale on time, I wouldn’t make it on my flight to Bogota with Jet Blue, and I’d lose the ticket.

This was a little stressful, but in truth it made the travel a lot more fun, because it felt like I was on a mission. Plus, since I knew I might have to talk someone into letting me break the rules at any point along the journey, I was forced to stay in a good mood. Plus, it saved me $300.

Now I’m in Bucaramanga at the Las Aguilas paragliding site, enjoying some grilled chicken breast and watching some of the other pilots take off. It’s been a fun few days, with plenty of flying here in Bucaramanga, and a sweet trip yesterday to Chicamocha canyon.

I tried my best to record the Chicamocha flight, but though my GoPro took some compelling shots of the inside of the van, once we arrived at the takeoff my SD card was full.

It’s good to be flying again, especially back here at Bucaramanga. It feels kind of strange flying for the first time after months and months, especially after having a full stall during my SIV course, but every flight feels a little better than the last.

Photo is horses in the paragliding landing zone in Bucaramanga, Colombia.

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