Last day in Crucita, Ecuador

A nice big takeoff for paragliding in Crucita, Ecuador. In the background you can see the beach and the town itself.

Today is my last day in Crucita, Ecuador. It’s been a fun and relaxing two weeks.

Crucita has miles of beach, with crunchy, satisfying sand – my favorite kind. The waves here are enormous, and crash loudly against the coast. If you’re visiting Crucita, I highly recommend staying somewhere where your windows face the beach, so that you can hear the waves all night.

I don’t remember the last time I slept so well so many nights in a row – there’s something about hearing waves crash against the shore that puts me at ease.

There was one night when the waves were so loud they actually woke me up, and in my dream state, I had to convince myself that they weren’t going to come into the room, so I could go back to sleep.

My days here have been characterized by a little work early in the morning, (I try to sleep as long as I can, which normally gets me to around 8am or so), followed by a half-hour run down the beach. After that I do a little more work or read my email while I cool down, then have a shower and go down to breakfast / lunch.

When I’m working, I’m sitting with my laptop up on the outdoor deck at Hostal Cruzita, looking up at the waves whenever I pause to think. This is one of the few places where I don’t listen to music all day when working, because the waves are so beautiful.

After breakfast, I keep a close eye on the windsocks on the hotel roof and the beach, and look up every now and then to see if anyone’s flying yet. If the wind is good, I hike with my paraglider to the top of the hill and have a flight or two.

That’s basically Crucita. There are a few downsides – at some parts of the beach, the tide washes litter in from who knows where, and we quickly got tired of the few restaurants in town (it’s been pizza night every night for a while now), but all in all it’s a wonderful place. It’s also fairly inexpensive – a private double overlooking the beach is $40 a night, with a discount for longer stays. And that’s without really shopping around – there are many, many hotels in town.

One word of warning – it is very difficult to find anything online here. Finding a place where we could make reservations during Carnival was an all-day event, and I had to call 5 different people before I finally connected with the hotel. On the plus side, the Hostal Cruzita facebook page did give the number of somebody’s cell phone, and when I called it, whoever I talked to did know the number of the hotel, which I called next.

So that’s Crucita. Beaches, waves, paragliding.

Photo is from the paragliding launch over Crucita, view towards the town. In the other direction are 7 kilometers of hills you can soar.

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