Next Stop: Quito!

View from Doctor's Office where I got my vaccination in Quito, EcuadorTomorrow we head to Quito, to spend a few days and probably not much beyond that. I’m not a big fan of cities these days, but they do prove a good place to stock up on essentials – e.g. Gummy bears and sim cards.

Here in Mindo, our clothes were still soaking wet from 3 days ago when we went in the river, so we had everything laundered, but there doesn’t seem to be much we can do about our shoes. They never seem to dry, no matter where we lay them out, and if we forget to take them in when the afternoon rains start, we’re back to square one. So we’re probably going to end up with some wet, mildewy shoes when we get to Quito. I hear you’ll kind of get stared at for wearing flip flops there, so that’ll be fun.

Photo is the view from the doctor’s office where I got my vaccinations in Quito, Ecuador, about a week after this original post.

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