Hot Springs in Banos, Ecuador

120 foot waterfall falling between green, foliage-covered mountainside in Banos, EcuadorJust came from the natural hot spring baths here in Baños, Ecuador. I’ve been to a number of hot springs before, in Colombia and Spain. What made this one different, though, was the spectacular waterfall right next to it.

In fact, when I felt like I was getting too hot from the thermal baths, I hopped out and ran into the waterfall-powered showers to cool off. Let me tell you something – the waterfall was cold, and though I’d been in it last week for some Canyoning, I had no wetsuit this time.

We’ve been here in Baños for several weeks, and if we weren’t flying to the Galapagos on Friday, I’d happily stay here for several more. This place has everything, paragliding, canyoning, hot springs, kayaking, rafting, biking, quad bikes, weird 2/4 sized jeeps, zip lines, and waterfall after waterfall.

Photo is of the waterfall from the hot springs. Technically, from one foot to the right of the thermal baths, because I didn’t want to drop my phone in the hot spring waters.

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