The Most Talented Bus Caller I Have Ever Met – Bus from Puno to Arequipa

So in some South American countries, including Peru, bus stations have men calling out the destinations so you know what bus to get on. This works marginally better than say, a sign, but I’ve become fascinated with these guys, because some of them are really good. When we booked our bus to Arequipa, I started talking to the guy behind the desk about destination calling, and I convinced him to let me take a video of him calling out Arequipa.

Check out how many times this guy can say Arequipa in just a few seconds. Warning, there is unintentionally some nudity in this video due to the scandalous calendar hanging on the bus station office wall.

Anyway, I was pretty impressed. It was a good bus ride, too.

We got the celebrity seats at front row second floor, which means we had pretty amazing views of the scenery along the way, though we had to look past the letters stenciled onto the window.

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  • Ben Lim

    If all else fails, he could sell stuff crossing the block as an auctioneer.

    • brandonbgreen

      I know, right?! He was a really nice guy, too.