Monthly Archives: January 2015

Monthly Archives: January 2015

Renting a House in Roatan (West End)

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It’s the high season in Roatán, which means most of the available residential rentals are taken. Though there were some options online, we knew from our experience traveling that we’re better off waiting until we arrive to find a place. So once we got here, the first 4 or 5 days were spent finding a new place. Here are a few tips on how we did it.

The Joys of Rainy Days

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  We’re here in Roatán, Honduras, a beautiful island with incredible scuba diving and a large expat community. It’s been raining heavily for the last 3 or 4 days now, for at least half of each day. This is out of the ordinary, given that it’s not the rainy season, and if we were here on a short vacation, I imagine we’d be pretty disappointed. Fortunately, even in the rain, we’d be able to scuba dive, since it’s not like …