Monthly Archives: October 2015

Monthly Archives: October 2015

Lochnagar Crater Memorial

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We drove yesterday to the Lochnagar Crater and Memorial near Albert, France.


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So Dunkirk has some pretty amazing bunkers the Nazis built as a coastal battery. The bunkers are all covered in art (graffiti if you want to call it that), but this was my favorite. The whole bunker was encrusted with mirrors. Combined with the fact that it’s half-buried in the sand, the refinishing turned the ruin into something surreal.       

In Bruges

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Ha! Like the movie! You Get it? The title of this post is the same as the movie! So we’re in Bruges. And it’s very pretty. And a lot of people have realized that. My first thought as we walked into town was that the people who have lived here for generations must be losing their minds with the number of tourists here. I mean just 50 years ago it was most likely a sleepy, charming little town that happened …

Some Days are Better than Others (Western Europe Road Trip Fall 2015, Day 1)

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I don’t want to sugar-coat full-time travel and only write about the fun stuff, so here’s an example of a pretty mediocre day. Nothing too bad like getting robbed or cheated, just a bit of a setback.

ROAD TRIP! Western Europe Fall 2015

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Today we began our new adventure: ROAD TRIP! We rented a car in The Hague, Netherlands for two weeks from Hertz. Hertz allows us to drive pretty much everywhere but Scandinavia (due to weather conditions), so we have a pretty open road ahead of us. Here’s the basic plan: Day 1: Visit Antwerp and check out the Sculpture garden in Middenheim, a park right in the city. Drive on to Ghent, look at all the pretty buildings there, and spend …