In Bruges


Ha! Like the movie! You Get it? The title of this post is the same as the movie!

So we’re in Bruges. And it’s very pretty. And a lot of people have realized that. My first thought as we walked into town was that the people who have lived here for generations must be losing their minds with the number of tourists here. I mean just 50 years ago it was most likely a sleepy, charming little town that happened to have a very attractive shared aesthetic for its buildings. The residents would have lived out their lives in small town bliss, hopefully admiring their environs as they went about their day-to-day business. Now this place is like a much-better-looking Times Square, except with fries, waffles and chocolate instead of the naked cowboy, or whatever they have in Times Square these days. So I’m sure the change has been pretty daunting.

That said, we had a lovely time of it. Virtually every building in the tourist areas is build with an ornate facade that makes you feel like you’re in a fairy tale, and the tower you can see from pretty much anywhere in town makes you feel like something magical is going on.

Bruges Canal and Tower

We got all the basic sightseeing done in a few hours of walking around, and moved on to the important stuff, namely the aforementioned beer, waffles, and chocolate.


Malheur Beer Bruges

It means Woe or Misfortune. Delicious!

Waffle Chez Albert Bruges

From Chez Albert – Liege Waffle with strawberries, chocolate, and cream. Fresh off the iron.


Pink Killer from the Wall of Beer. Hey look, I’m in the reflection.

In posting this, I realize that I haven’t really had any chocolate. This is something I’ll have to rectify immediately.

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