Nemaclys Paragliding in Costa Rica

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Just marveling this morning at how beautiful it is here at Nemaclys. I’ve been wondering for the last month or so whether it’s really worth it to lug a full set of paragliding gear around with me, so coming here was a pretty big payoff, because it’s definitely worth it.

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The Magic of Costa Rica’s Envision Festival Extends Beyond The Venue

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Saturday I woke up around eight o’clock to the blazing sun, and remembered that I was lying in a tent, in the middle of the Costa Rican jungle. I was camped with approximately 2,000 other adventurers, but I had taken the time to carefully select a palm tree for shade off the beaten path.

I got up and stumbled around in my typical mid-morning haze, securing
essentials like drinking water and breakfast. Then I went to wait for
the shuttle back to the parking lot near town, where I could catch a
taxi to the waterfall. Once I got into the back of the converted
chicken-wagon, I asked the one other passenger if she was going to the
waterfall, to which she replied “yes, and I have a car and I can drive
you and it has air conditioning”. She ended up driving me and a few
other people there.

This waterfall, like most water features in Costa Rica, was surrounded
by jungle, but once we were inside, it comprised a multi-level oasis
with around five different levels, each including a placid pool in
which several topless women frolicked. Each pool’s water cascaded, of
course, into the next level.

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