Back in Colombia!

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Green pasture with horses in the middle of it. This pasture happens to be the landing zone for the school where I learned how to paraglide in Bucaramanga, Colombia.Back in Colombia!

So happy to be back in Colombia after far too many months away. Getting here was a bit of an adventure, because in order to get the cheapest flight possible, I had an unprotected connection, which meant that if US Airways didn’t get me and my bags to Fort Lauderdale on time, I wouldn’t make it on my flight to Bogota with Jet Blue, and I’d lose the ticket.

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Nemaclys Paragliding in Costa Rica

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Just marveling this morning at how beautiful it is here at Nemaclys. I’ve been wondering for the last month or so whether it’s really worth it to lug a full set of paragliding gear around with me, so coming here was a pretty big payoff, because it’s definitely worth it.

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Glorious Day

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View from the balcony

Amazing morning of flying today. First flight caught just a bubble, second flight caught a nice light thermal that took me back up over the launch, third flight caught thermal after thermal, probably reaching about 300 meters over launch.

Watched from above as the wind speed flag changed from green to yellow and kept going up, catching more thermals. Went in close to the launch for some light ridge soaring, but that bottomed out, Read more

Step-by-Step Instructions for what I just did

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2012-01-30 16.44.251. Catch wicked thermal.
2. Finally lose lift when as far as possible from landing zone.
3. Find that in addition to massive amounts of lift, today also has massive sink.
4. Land on alternate landing zone, having to pull a last second 180, landing downwind to keep from running out of hill.
5. Stick landing.
6. Hike for an hour to regular landing zone to await pickup.
7. Discover that no pickup is en route, nobody is copying on radio, and nobody can hear cell phone.
8. Pack up wing, pack on bag and walk an hour up the hill to the launch.
9. Finally catch a ride for last 100 feet of hill.
10. Drop off wing, drink 3 liters of water, shed all electronics and jump into pool.
11. Profit.

Parties and Paragliding

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A bit tired today after a minimalist dj took me to her gig last night, which turned out to be a birthday party for the owner of a fashion company and modeling agency. Was fun.

Unable to nap at the moment but sitting in a hammock looking through the trees down at the farms and city in the valley below.

Hopefully buying a wing and harness tomorrow, testing out some different options this afternoon.