Step-by-Step Instructions for what I just did

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2012-01-30 16.44.251. Catch wicked thermal.
2. Finally lose lift when as far as possible from landing zone.
3. Find that in addition to massive amounts of lift, today also has massive sink.
4. Land on alternate landing zone, having to pull a last second 180, landing downwind to keep from running out of hill.
5. Stick landing.
6. Hike for an hour to regular landing zone to await pickup.
7. Discover that no pickup is en route, nobody is copying on radio, and nobody can hear cell phone.
8. Pack up wing, pack on bag and walk an hour up the hill to the launch.
9. Finally catch a ride for last 100 feet of hill.
10. Drop off wing, drink 3 liters of water, shed all electronics and jump into pool.
11. Profit.

How I spent sunset

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Sunset from the landing zone.Today I spent sunset soaring back and forth from the air above my home and the air above our local waterfall. Sun was fingering red between the clouds before it finally disappeared behind the mountains on the horizon.

Edit: also received a phone call when I was several hundred feet off the ground, which got me laughing. Considered answering it just for fun, but decided it wasn’t worth the risk of dropping my phone, so I let it go to voicemail.

Bus from Bucaramanga to San Gil

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2012-02-25 16.54.04In typical Colombian bus ride fashion, the bus that we were assured three times had air conditioning does, but it never turns on. The bus, which left twenty minutes late, has inexplicably stopped fifteen minutes into the trip at a rest stop / market for an indeterminate amount of time. Also there is vallenato blaring over the radio.

I investigate what the story is with the stop. It turns out that this is actually a three hour bus ride, not a two hour bus ride as they told us at the terminal. Furthermore they openly admit that the whole air conditioning thing was a lie. When I ask about the whole extra hour they added to the trip, they tell me it is two hours, but two long hours. I ask how an hour could last longer than 60 minutes, and they say ok it’s three hours. One of the vendors who comes onto the bus laughs that the bus company doesn’t count the time from the bus terminal to this random rest stop.

Phew, just dodged a bullet when a particularly corpulent passenger who would never have fit into one seat passed me up as a neighbor.

Anyway, it’s the only way to San Gil.

Update: bought some wayfarer knockoffs for $6 from a vendor who came to my window at a random stop. Was briefly negotiating down from $12, but somehow the price went down quite a bit as the bus started moving.

These replace the turquoise stunners I gifted to the pool under a waterslide at chica mocha.

Looks like the ride’s finally started in earnest now, only 80 minutes late. And also in typical Colombian fashion every few minutes we’re bombarded with views of gorgeous green hillsides. The moving landscape is a bit too confusing for my camera, but it’s very pretty.


Photo is out the window of the bus. Because of my camera’s reaction to the speed of nearby objects, the only photos that came out were when we were driving on the wrong side of the road. Fortunately, that happened a lot!

Kicking Myself

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2012-01-24 16.05.08

Because I didn’t take off this morning – we were only going to get one flight in with the weather being a bit foggy and generally not ripe for thermals today. Didn’t want to rent a glider just for a regular 4 minute flight, but as I sat here working I heard over the radio my friends catching thermal after thermal. Sounded like about an hour long session, wish I’d made it. Oh well.

Hopefully in the next few days we’re heading to San Gil to rent some dune buggies, rock climb, or raft.


Image is several pairs of clown shoes on display at what I could only interpret as a clown shoe store, in Buenos Aires.

Horses on the runway.

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DSC00535Another fun couple of flights this morning, had to dodge horses on my landing, which was pretty fun. Have a few hours to kill before afternoon flights, so I think I’m gonna hop in the pool as soon as I finish watching some of the other paragliders walk the resident turtle.