Back in Colombia!

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Green pasture with horses in the middle of it. This pasture happens to be the landing zone for the school where I learned how to paraglide in Bucaramanga, Colombia.Back in Colombia!

So happy to be back in Colombia after far too many months away. Getting here was a bit of an adventure, because in order to get the cheapest flight possible, I had an unprotected connection, which meant that if US Airways didn’t get me and my bags to Fort Lauderdale on time, I wouldn’t make it on my flight to Bogota with Jet Blue, and I’d lose the ticket.

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Awesome Layover Lisbon, Part 2: Views and Graffiti

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After my fun, sleep-deprived tour of the Oceanario de Lisboa, I had a little more time to kill before I had to get back to the airport and fly out of the country. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, here’s the first half of how I spent my 7 hour layover in Lisbon: Awesome Layover in Lisbon, Oceanario de Lisboa (Lisbon Aquarium)

too many legs on a starfish

That’s too many legs, little dude!

First though, check out all the legs on this starfish.

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Awesome Layover in Lisbon: Oceanario de Lisboa (Lisbon Aquarium)

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Lisbon park and skylineWhen I booked my flight to Europe this time around, I built in an 8 hour layover in Lisbon, Portugal. I had never been to Portugal, and though I had heard very good things, I wasn’t likely to book a trip there any time soon, mostly because it was separated from other unvisited places by Spain and France.

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Most Inspirational Travel Site

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Bue flower in Buenos Aires

This flower was in a beautiful nature reserve in Buenos Aires

This isn’t really a traditional travel site, but I love going there when checking out a new city to see what it would take to spend a few months there.  Read more

Speed Skaters in Bogota

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girl speedskating bogota

Found some photos today I took of speed skaters in Bogotá. I was tagging along with a friend’s photography class when we found these kids practicing drafting behind each other. Also a few bonus photos from the day showing off the mountains that surround the city.

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