Sailing the San Blas Islands – Another day in Paradise

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IMG_0468Another day in Paradise. I’m starting to see why people say sailing the San Blas islands was their favorite part of South America. And, to be honest, it’s really encouraging me to go hang out in Southeast Asia for a while. There’s something special about being on gorgeous beaches that I just can’t get over.

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Puppies in Roldanillo

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Glorious Day

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View from the balcony

Amazing morning of flying today. First flight caught just a bubble, second flight caught a nice light thermal that took me back up over the launch, third flight caught thermal after thermal, probably reaching about 300 meters over launch.

Watched from above as the wind speed flag changed from green to yellow and kept going up, catching more thermals. Went in close to the launch for some light ridge soaring, but that bottomed out, Read more

Orange Flag

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Talking to some random girls at the fly site and they end up being among the top three women’s pilots for acro and cross country in the world.

No flying for me this afternoon – far from being green, the flag is orange, which I’ve probably only seen once in the last three months. Beautiful thermic conditions this morning, though. Really fun.

Royal mit Kase

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2012-11-15 20.20.22Ready to officially start studying German, now that I have a copy of Pulp Fiction with German dubbing.

It’s amazing how the French, Spanish and German all find slightly different, far more awkward ways to say “Garçon means boy”.

Ich liebe dich, Honeybunny.